Here’s an overview of some of my side projects and hackathon experiences which I did for fun ⚡


The challenge was to design a movie poster with cutlery as the theme. I googled “cutlery”, and the moment I saw an image of a black sporf, I saw a batman in it. There was no way I was not going to design this 🦇


At Parallax hack ‘19, my team and I built Echo, a mindfulness app that analyses your daily activities and provides cognitive behavioral therapy. Two sleepless nights got us two awards! 🥈🥉


At Code2Create ‘19, my team and I built Falcon, a mobile app for smart home surveillance. You get alerted when there is a potential intruder or any suspicious activity near your home. You can also monitor distant locations without switching accounts. The best part of this product was the low cost of building, which was our selling point 🥇


This is my attempt at making illustrations on Figma. I did the best I could. Who has the heart to spoil Henry Cavill’s perfect face? Not me 😫


Kicksup is an online store that sells customized casual shoes. It was one of my first ever UI design & logo design, made in the summer of 2019 👟

Cosmic Thoughts (Conceptual)

I designed a logo for Cosmic Thoughts, a clothing line owned by Zara 👕

I’m always up for a chat, mail to me at

I’m always up for a chat, mail to me at

I’m always up for a chat, mail to me at